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The Captain and the Evil Cake Genious Thanks for taking the time to check out our site! We've been in business for 14 years, but our online site is a relatively new venture for us. We started out solely as a wholesale company, but always wanted a way to connect directly with our customers. Having an online store is way more fun than we could have imagined and is proving something that we always suspected....people that buy our shirts are really cool. Having direct contact with cool people on a daily basis makes our jobs and life a lot more enjoyable for us. We know that not everybody is so lucky, so we're grateful.

99% of the designs on our site are developed and designed by The Captain himself just 5 minutes from downtown Minneapolis where we're located. We pride ourselves on fun, original designs, and we think you'll notice that as you browse our site. We hope you'll find something you can't believe you lived without, if you don't, contact us and let us know what you think we should be doing. We'd love to hear from you.

In case you're wondering why we seem to have so many shirts about cake decorating and dogs, it's simple. The Captain is married to an awesome cake decorator and we both love dogs. There you have it. Now you know more about us than we know about you. We'd love to hear from you and it would be even better if you sent us a picture of you wearing one of our shirts! Maybe we'll share it on our facebook page or in our newsletter. Feel free to email The Captain directly at anytime about anything at
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